Event Catering

Catering services:

Our restaurant is large enough to cater for companies or groups.

We serve morning breakfasts; lunches and dinners in Hotels located within Rome and provide personal catering services for family occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. We also provide packed food in Hotels.
We can provide catering service for a group of 85 people. In our menu we provide catering for food starters, papadum, yogurt, salad, pickels, main course, desserts and water or drinks as per their needs.

Dine-in services:

We can accommodate a group of 85 people in our restaurant on a regular restaurant day or night services. A group will be accommodated on tables in our fully air conditioned restaurant and will be hand served with starters, papadum, yougurt, salad, pickels, main course, desserts and bottled water or drinks as per their needs.

For both our catering or dine-in services, we can provide personalised menu as per group or agency needs and requirements.

Please contact us via email at ristorantebombayrpp@gmail.com for making a personalised menu and to negotiate prices. We are open 7 days a week.